Here at the Chameleon, we want our stylists and our clients to be taken care of in the best ways possible. To ensure we can fill our schedules and avoid long wait-list times, we must have at least 24-hour notice on all cancellations. If less than 24-hour notice is given, you may be charged 50% of your scheduled service price. If the appointment is no-showed and no call is made, you may be charged up to 100% of your scheduled service price.


We do understand, emergencies happen. If you experience an emergency, please call and we may waive your fee*. We also take into consideration that illnesses happen, to us and you. Please, if you may be sick DO NOT come to your appointment! We will happily waive your fee* and reschedule you, as we have small children and do not want our children sick due to unfortunate circumstances. Thank you!


While we do accept walk-ins, we primarily work by appointments. If you would like to ensure you have your desired appointment, we recommend pre-booking your appointments. When checking out after your service, we also recommend booking your next 2 appointments! It is always easier to reschedule an appointment, than to find a last-minute opening.


*Waiving fees will be considered by the salon owner/manager.