Reinvention: Growing with your hair stylist

Hair stylists are masters or reinvention. Let your relationship with your stylist foster the creativity and courage to constantly better yourself.

Reinvention often starts at the root. Of hair.

Classic looks are at the heart of the Chameleon Salon. But so are our commitments to change, creativity and courage.

You see, they all go hand in hand: You must be courageous to embrace change. And to make your own change, you must enable creativity. If you can do that while maintaining classic elements, you’ve figured out the art of reinvention.

While we often think of reinvention as a means for celebrities to create longevity in their careers, isn’t it also something we all crave? Can’t it just be about continuously bettering yourself? Face it. Do you really want to look, act and feel like you did seven years ago? Ok, ok, maybe you would like to look a bit like you did then, assuming you weren’t rocking barrel-roll bangs. Oh wait, that was longer ago than seven years. And maybe that’s the point. With reinvention, you don’t age; you change.

This is where Chameleon stands. Change is good. Change can be subtle. It’s often subtle changes that are most meaningful. They are the first, tiny step to a you that adapts and evolves over time. They might not be the most noticeable, but they are often the most indicative of who you are becoming.

Alternatively, when you need a big change, it can be cathartic, fun and insanely adventurous. There’s nothing more exhilarating than cutting six inches of dead weight, err hair, or going from dirty blonde to an eye-catching auburn for fall.

Wherever you are in your journey, we will meet you and take that step with you. Won’t you join us in our journey to provide superior service focused on growth through education and warmth from seeing you for who you are and want to become?