Dava Murgas

Owner and Hairstylist

Since the age of 5 when her passion for hairstyling developed while spending time with her aunt, Dava has been planning her career in the cosmetology business. Dava began her career as a hairstylist at the age of 19 with the intention of accomplishing her ultimate goal: owning a salon.

Working toward that goal, she was hired as a stylist at Chameleon Salon in 2003. And in 2006 she was able to fulfill that goal by purchasing ownership of Chameleon Salon. Since 2006, Dava has tweaked the salon’s image and principles to develop a strong support of positive self-image and healthy products inspired by nature and driven by performance. She has become a strong business manager and leader with a knack for hiring stylists that excel in a team-oriented environment. She strives to maintain an environment that is clean and inviting while providing the highest level of professionalism from educated and talented stylists.

Dava is still a full-time stylist at her salon and most enjoys color, especially creative foiling techniques. She is a lifelong resident of Clarksville and has been married for seven years. She has a 10-year-old stepson, another son approaching two-years-old and two Boxers.

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Angie Fanakos


Angie has been a stylist for six years and has spent the past four with Chameleon Salon. She graduated from the Paul Mitchell School in Nashville and has always loved doing hair.

As a hairstylist, Angie’s goal is to make each service better than the last and continue her education in advanced coloring, cutting and styling techniques. She enjoys meeting new clients and exceeding their expectations while strengthening her relationship with existing clients by listening, teaching and paying attention to even the smallest detail.

Angie’s personal strategies include always trying to be positive, not hiding her sense of humor, and always pushing herself to step out of the box and not be ordinary. She attributes her strength and excitement for life to her personal relationship with God. She has been a resident of Clarksville for 15 years and has been married for two. She has a son, a daughter and four stepdaughters. She also has a healthy obsession with eyelashes and bandanas, and she’s our resident snarky comedian with a phrase or quote for every occasion.

Portfolio: Angie Fanakos

Kelsey Hangge


Kelsey Hangge

Laurin Carter

Front Desk Coordinator

Laurin has been Chameleon Salon’s front desk coordinator since summer of 2011 and is an excellent representative for the salon. She manages the front desk, overseeing all of its activity from taking guests’ phone calls to greeting them when they arrive and making sure they are satisfied when they leave. Laurin also manages the salon’s inventory and ensures the stylists’ schedules run smoothly.

If there is anything you need, Laurin is here for you and enjoys ensuring each client has a pleasurable visit. She is intimately aware of the salon’s routines and can help new clients find their ideal stylist or figure out what service is appropriate to book.

Laurin was born in Southside, Tennessee and recently married in 2014. She now lives in Cunningham with her husband and two dogs.